1915 Çanakkale Bridge Achor Rod Project

Freysaş Freyssinet undertakes base connection of 1915 Çanakkale Bridge abutments...

Within the scope of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge Anchor Rod project, Freysaş has undertaken the supply and pouring of grout for the connection joints to be constructed beneath steel pylons in the main bridge steel pylon and tower base connection, connecting the structure to the base with post-tensioning rods, and supply and injection of grease that will be used for corrosion protection.

The steel pylons, the assembly of which has been commenced on both the Asian and European side, are located on 4 tower bases.
In the connection of tower bases, the bottoms of each tower have been divided into plaster strips covering an area of 85 m² each, followed by grout casting at one sitting in areas reaching 20cm in height, with a fill rate of 98% in total. In aggregate, 102 tons of grout material has been used for the 4 tower connections.

Each tower base is provided with 168 x M85 post-tensioning rods of quality class 10.9, each capable to bear loads up to 3500 kN. Post-tensioning works will be completed in 3 steps over the course of bridge’s construction and completion phases. 

For corrosion protection and guarding purposes, special post-tensioning grease injections will be applied to the gaps between post-tensioning rods and steel protective sheaths. Thus, a total volume of 42 m³ encircling the post-tensioning rods will be filled with grease.