Human Resources Policies

Human Resources Policy
We adopt a holistic approach to the selection, appointment, salary, training and motivation of our employees to ensure efficient and effective work performance.

To that end, we always act in line with the ‘Human Resources Principles’ defined below;

  • We ensure that communication is kept strong with our employees at all levels, and we follow a transparent and clear management mentality,
  • We aim for our employees to be in a long-term working environment based on mutual respect, by prioritizing their motivations and commitment to FREYSAŞ,
  • We create equal opportunities among our employees without discrimination,
  • We provide suitable environments where our employees can develop themselves both professionally and personally,
  • We constantly review and improve our human resources policy.

We select and employ qualified candidates who are skilled in creative thinking, have superior qualifications, care about quality and have an understanding of international business. 

Performance Evaluation
In performance evaluation, it is essential to measure the employees’ work performance according to predefined criteria, while competence evaluation is essentially based on measuring the employees’ behaviors. At the end of both of these evaluation processes, it is aimed to reward those with superior performance and to identify those who have high potential as well as their areas of development. 

Training and Development
We see the development of our employees as a key factor in achieving our goals of improving our work performance, supporting our labor force by development projects that place particular focus on profitability and sustainable competitiveness, and train the future executives of our group companies. We constantly monitor the development of our employees by integrating the most up-to-date management systems, trends and business models into our Human Resources functions.