Freysaş Freyssinet

Founded in 1988 by Yapı Merkezi Group and Soletanche Freyssinet of French Vinci Group, Freysaş, is a leading expert company in modern construction methods and technological building devices.

Freysaş, a branch office responsible for Turkey, Turkic region and neighboring countries within Freyssinet Group, which is operating almost in each part of the world, always brings the feature of being the meeting point of building and technology into the forefront as a corporate vision.

Freysaş, which provides service with its unique knowledge and experience in all structures where post-tensioning technology is being used, continues to operate in the areas of expertise as technological bridges, cylindrical structures, wide span surfaces, seismic protection works, production of structural elements, heavy lifting, wind tower construction methods, structural strengthening, corrosion-cathodic protection and waterproofing.

Today, Freysaş, with its technological infrastructure that helps support the design facts in front of the functionality, has the utmost sufficient fitout to contribute to designer’s imagination in realizing the projects. In particular, as being the pioneers of cable-stayed bridge constructions and technological methods in Turkey, Freysaş, completed the first cable-stayed bridge in İzmir in 1997.

Since that time, Freysaş has signed and completed hundreds of special projects and become one of the leading offices of Freyssinet and Yapı Merkezi among the world. One of the most important subjects on the Turkish national agenda is the “earthquake”. Unfortunately, the latest regulations introduced recently in the world are not valid for existing structures. In year 2013, Freysaş undertaken a hospital project in Maltepe-İstanbul, the biggest-ever seismic isolation application of Turkey, including cutting and strengthening of columns over 800 units with seismic devices.

While that period, the metro crossing bridge on the Golden Horn was completed in March 2013. The Golden Horn Metro Crossing Bridge is built with the know-how of Freysaş, supported with its technological background and completed in a very short time, thanks to the innovative approach of the company culture.

The Liakhvi Bridge with its length of more than 850 meters, was built with incremental launching (ILM) method in Georgia in 2012.
During the construction process, the railway, road and pedestrian paths underneath the bridge remained completely operable, except
the limited periods while the construction of bridge abutments. The ILM method which has a weekly approximate progress speed of 40 days, recently became one of the most preferred technological bridge construction methods in the region and already found the chance for applications in many mega projects.

Among these pioneering projects, Freysaş have justified proud of putting its signature under many significant mega projects in recent years within Turkey;

· Vodafone Park Stadium - Roof Design and Big Lift / Heavy Lifting Operation
· Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge - Stay Cable / Post-tensioning application
· Kuzey Marmara Motorway Project, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge approaching viaducts - Incremental Launching Method (ILM) application
· Antalya Çallı Bridge - Stay Cable application (The first ever Extradosed bridge in Turkey)
· Ankara - Sivas Railway Project viaducts Cast-in-situ / Balanced Cantilever Method application

Since it was founded, Freysaş worked with the principle of flawless customer satisfaction and perfect service, always kept the channels open to continuously improve the know-how to stay in-line with its mission to be the pioneering company of Turkey, and never forgotten the fact that the most important value is human source. In this respect, in order to establish human resources and quality policies in a success-oriented manner, we have always believed in the importance of building technologies that add value to life.

Freysaş putting forefront the capability to build a more prosperous future and healthy structures, will continue to develop its knowledge and experience for a more aesthetic world, and to use the power of Yapı Merkezi Group and Freyssinet behind it to always bring the “better” to life.