ALGERIAN Kherrata Valley Road opened to traffic.

Freyssibar post-tensioning bar application at Kherrata Valley in ALGERIA...

“Unique Solutions for Challenging Circumstances”

The old road in the region also known as the “Kherrata Gorges” in Algeria had been built between the years 1863 - 1870, with a width varying from 4 to 6 meters. The road was allowing only limited transportation and had been constructed along the steep slopes of the valley as a cascade extending parallel to the river, and hence, allowed only 2 vehicles to pass side by side. Moreover, the road was out of service anyway.
At that time, traffic was flowing over 3 tunnels with 6 % fixed slope and a total length of 2000 m + 2220 m+ 1520 m = 5740 m. The Algerian Highway Authority developed a project to divert traffic downhill by means of the existing tunnels and uphill by means of a new engineering structure to be constructed, so as to separate traffic into two independent directions.

In the design of this road, the road path, the structures’ traffic loads as well as climatic and seismic zone definitions were designed in accordance with Algerian standards, while the acceptance of structures and roads was designed in accordance with European standards and Structural Eurocodes.

In contrast to other projects, 24 000 m2 of this structure was designed as a platform to be constructed on cantilever prestressed reinforced concrete beams or steel beams.

The prestressed reinforced concrete beams and steel beams referred to as Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 were put up transverse to the road route and then connected to the micro piled foundations by means of post-tensioning bars, and could thereby be used as cantilever by virtue of the advantages of post-tensioning.
In total, 3582 m of post-tensioning bars including accessories thereof were supplied for a total of 376 beams (i.e. 97 x Type Tip 1, 201 x Type 2, and 78 x Type 3), while equipment supply and supervision services were furnished for assembly, tensioning and injection works.
Freysaş signed a contract with ÖZGÜN İNŞAAT, an affiliate of KRK Holding who undertook the construction of the project, for the supply of post-tensioning bars and performance of tensioning and grout injection works under this outstanding and unprecedented project that holds a very distinguished place in Freysaş’ reference list. The project was completed and delivered to the Employer by Freysaş in 2019.