With over 70 years' experience in bridge construction and an extensive portfolio of clients around the world, our company is involved in numerous large-scale design and build projects. The company has forged a global reputation for its skills and expertise.

Construction methods can be divided into two major elements, irrespective of the material used (concrete, steel, etc.): In-situ construction and prefabrication.

Both types involve a broad array of techniques and resources, including carriage form travellers and self-launching trusses for in-situ construction, launching gantries for cantilever installation, cable-stayed masts for progressive installation,
and assembly trusses for full-span construction, as well as incremental launching, lifting and rotation systems for moving structures into position.

All of these materials and equipment are designed, analyzed, supplied and implemented by our company.

offers integrated hi-tech solutions in two major fields:

New built construction and structural repair under the Foreva® label.

We are involved in numerous projects across five continents, thereby cementing our world leadership status in the specialist areas:

· Prestressing, post-tensioning
· Cable-stayed structures
· Construction methods
· Structural accessories
· Structural repair and reinforcement
· Structural maintenance

These activities are applied to a wide range of structures, including civil engineering structures, buildings, skyscrapers, industrial installations, power production plants, offshore platforms, transport and sporting infrastructures, and more.